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Subcontractor agreement

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Subcontractor agreement isn’t something that we actively endorse here at 42 construction ltd.

Some companies believe in exploiting such employees and even entertain suggestions from customers regarding who to work with.

However, why should you feel obligated to worry about these kinds of decisions – especially when paying good money for professional counsel and service?

The 42 construction ltd team consistent of tradesmen cherry picked for their expertise and skill and will take responsibility for all buildin

Those customers who choose to work with us are committing to a dedicated service. We listen to your needs then produce the home improvements you have in mind.

Here are just a few benefits to working with our dedicated team instead of a service who utilises subcontractors.

Critical time management

Whether it be an extensive loft conversion or simple tiling project, time is always of the essence.

It equals money for both you, the valued customer and us, the service provider.

A suitable time scale will always be matched with fair pricing, as our team hit all agreed targets. However, working with subcontractors can’t always promise such efficient performance.

A team of dedicated experts is always more likely to manage tasks and match deadlines,  through extensive experience in all related fields of building. There’s no need to take time out to man-manage subcontractors, which can disrupt the delivery of each and every project.

Many times the hiring company will have to readjust working schedules to avoid failure to deliver. We don’t!

With a centralised team all big decisions aren’t subjective either. Here at 42 construction ltd we make them. Deferred decisions from hired subcontractors is just another means of slowing down the entire production process.

This can make you feel like decisions are being delayed, as communication becomes protracted. We will not cause you any such worries.

With our 1-to-1 service, we can go that extra mile to ensure your completely  satisfied.

Reliable service for peace of mind

Our team controls your project from start to finish, which offers the peace of mind you deserve when investing in important home improvements.

Supervision and quality of all workmanship, from the supply to application of materials is assured. Those who sub out work don’t have control over such things.

Working with a dedicated team of experts means you get to know us personally, professionally and know who exactly is working on your home when rehiring us in the future.

This rapport lets you build up a system of trust in our services.

Our 20 years experience means that quality is assured. We have the longevity that reinforces a proactive service. No matter how large or extensive the project, we’ll look to meet your demands.

We don’t break contracts, which is a risk when working with unreliable subcontractors. Your house is in safe hands.