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Customer Satisfaction We pride ourselves on the competence of our work, which is always finished to the highest of standards.
All Areas Covered 42 Construction operate across the whole of the South Coast, including Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset.

Extensions Branksome

Here at 42 construction ltd we are one of only a few companies throughout the UK that has been supplying only the best building needs for everyone for all situations all over Dorset so no matter where you are and what you need we can help you services like our Extensions Branksome or our loft installations we have a wide range of needs and lifestyles to choose from so we can help you out no matter what you are looking for.

About 42 construction ltd

42 Construction originally began in Poole, Dorset over 20 years ago and when they began they were a small team of highly trained and qualified builders who were passionate about giving the people of Poole what they wanted to have in their home because every single house hold in Britain wants to add or change something in their home and our team decided to make it our objective to be the ones that will come to you when you are in need of wanting a service done to your home, and ever since then we have been running some of the finest services to help homes now all of Dorset. Unlike other companies we like to ensure you are getting the best deal for what you are paying for because we believe  that when you are requested by someone to place an installation in your home we ensure  that you  are getting the best that only be gained from  us.

Extensions Branksome

The services that we offer you

With the many years of services we have an opportunity to not only perfect our services but to also offer more services to you, with our pride and commercial clients are we always intend to make sure that we at offer only the best services purely because our team have been dedicated to making sure that they offer you your dream home to you so whether you are looking for having an extension added to your home or you are wanting to have a bathroom re-designed to what you want so whatever you require we will always deliver only the best to you.

The services that we offer to you

  • Extensions
  • Loft Conversions
  • Kitchens
  • Carpentry
  • Bathrooms
  • Tiling
  • Refurbishment
  • Flooring
  • Electrical servicing and installation
  • Plumbing Servicing and installation
  • Staircases

The Technical side to our services

Our extension service

When you a lot of our customers come to us requesting an extension to be added to your home this could increase the living space in your home and whatever you plan to use it for we have the tools and skills to help you to the pin point. Every single bit from the first foundations to adding the roof on we plan with you all the way exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it so you know what we are installing on to your home. Unlike other companies we make a timetable sheet with you and this is for so we know when we can work in the times that are best suited for you so for example one of our previous customers wanted the timings of 9:00am until 4:00pm and within a week we managed to complete the project. Overall when you choose this service we are proud to say we have the finest carpenters, electricians, heating engineers and plumbers at your disposal so both we and you know you are getting the best for home extension.

Our Kitchen serviceKitchens Branksome

For many years we have been the leading company for designing Kitchens all over Dorset and to this day we are still the best leading company for designing and installing kitchens, when it comes to this part of the home we have always delivered outstanding and high quality kitchens so when you come into it you can be proud of it and show off to your friends and family. If you are planning on having your kitchen then you should be proud to come to us today because we plan to fit and suit you and no matter what you want we will always give it to you first class so if you are looking to have the finest kitchen then come only to us.

Our Bathroom service

Just like our Kitchens we also have  been running our Bathroom for many years and still have been delivering it up the high standards we have always delivered the finest service. A bathroom in our eyes is one of the few places as we see a special place to escape so you have the chance in gaining the freedom and as we see the proper freedom we want to make it to the exact picture you want so you can relax to exactly how you prefer to. Unlike other business’s we make sure we make a plan so we work alongside you and give everything you see in your perfect bathroom, once we have done this we get straight to work and start building your dream and within no time you will have a perfect bathroom in your home. Over with many services we have been able to perfect this particular service and with many more years behind us and we have many more years to perfect it even further for you.

The experience we have gained over the years

With what we have gained over the years we have been serving every single service only to the highest standards we have been giving, everything from our extensions to plumbing we have always been happy and dedicated to serve you because all of the team here at 42 construction are one of the most passionate people who want to work with you in making your dream come to a reality so you can live it and be happy in your home, so when you come to us we are always willing to help because it is our job to help your dream.

Get in contact with us

If you are looking for a team who will ensure the best outcome for your extension in Branksome and want to go to only the best then come to 42 construction as we are leading company who will ensure only the finest quality in no matter where you are we can come to you and by calling us today on  789 159 7416 we can help you today and deliver your dream quicker than you imagine.


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