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All Areas Covered 42 Construction operate across the whole of the South Coast, including Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset.

Corfe Mullen bathrooms

Here at 42 construction  we are a well established design and builders who have been running for over 10 years, for these years we have been delivering new ways to re-imagine your home into the perfect dream world that you can escape to everyday. Whether you are looking for a loft conversion or you are planning on redoing your kitchen, we have all the services you could possibly ever need. Bathrooms in Corfe Mullen are the main request we get, but we do get other service calls out as well but over the years we have noticed a huge rise in bathroom re-designs in this particular area.

We are one of the most dedicated and respected building companies that are out there in the UK today

When builders in Poole  began, we wanted to give you only best results you could get only from us, all of our builders at our company have the highest qualifications that you can get in the country, each and every single member when we interviewed them all they all said ‘ we want to build because we want to be able to give people that perfect part in someone’s home’ .  To this day we all still work to this motto and it has been proving effective for all the years we have worked with our customers. Our reputation towards our customers is crucial to us, we keep you on our side, we become even better.  Bathrooms in Corfe Mullen

We provide a wide range of services

42 construction has a great service range that you have the choice from, each one of our services comes with a 100% guarantee that what you get from us at the end of our service with you, if you are not completely satisfied with our work then we give you the full refund. Our services go all the across the range we serve, our most common service and place to be is service and design bathrooms in Corfe Mullen . This is one of our most popular options so if you are looking for a bathroom design, you can be even more sure that you will get the best result from our team of highly trained builders.

Some of the services that we provide here at 42 Construction

  • Loft Conversion 
  • Extensions
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Plumbing
  • Staircases
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical installation

The technical side to all of our installations

Our Kitchen service

For many years we have been giving the best service for kitchens giving you the look that you want to have so you can be proud to be in your kitchen every time you come into it. From the very start we sit alongside you and we plan the kitchen you want to have, everything from materials, shape, size and colour, to positioning it and making the final finishing touches. Once we have made a plan with you then we get straight to work, using the materials we provide ourself we start making your dream come to life. At the same time we also ensure that everything else in your kitchen is also working to it’s full and safe potential. Once we have finished your kitchen all that is left is the payment, we like to ensure our customers that what the payment is is the full amount, we have a no hidden fee’s policy, we don’t make you more for no valid reason or for any reason at all!

Our plumbing service

When our customers call us out for this service we offer a huge range of installations if you looking for something to be installed from us such as boilers all the way to toilets. Our team are professionally trained in only giving you a first class serivce. This service is commonly a very easy service that if there is a problem you are experiencing we can easily fix and a lot of the time if it is with another service it’s usually free. We have a lot of  experience dealing with plumbing so we know how to come across any situation that comes to us. Giving you the best result that you deserve.

Our electrical service Electrical Service

We provide a very effective and confident electrical service, 42 construction is a very well renown company for it’s electrical knowledge and ability to work with all the situations that is thrown towards us, we understand that now a days electricity is a very important part of peoples life’s so making sure they are up to date and working properly and safely is a crucial job. When you come to call us out for an electrical fitting, service or check, we make a proper check and run every test that is required by national laws and standards. 42 construction is a part of the  National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors ( NICEIC ), this group of contractors are here to look for companies and business’s that uphold the Standards and laws of electrical service and provide a brilliant service, so we are very proud to be a part of this National council.

What you should expect from our Corfe Mullen bathroom designs

 Experience in Corfe Mullen

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience working with different customers, each and every single one has a different way of seeing there perfect home, here at 42 construction we like this, it keeps us challenged to be able to work and give our knowledge to it’s absolute best and supply that to your home and dream design, for many years we have been doing exactly that and have been achieving the best result we can possibly get each time we are called out to you for a new bathroom design or any service to that matter.

Get in contact with 42 construction today for your bathroom installation

If you are looking for a bathroom design or re design and want it to be in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing and know how to do a good job with you as our customer in mind every single step of the way, or if you are looking for another service that we offer that you are interested in, or even if you are looking to get a little bit more information from us then be sure to call 42 construction today on – 07891597416 or why not email us at .

Whatever you are looking for, if you a require a service that we offer and want it to be in the of people who know what they are doing and always give thought of the customer, you have come to the right construction team.



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