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5 Inspiring Garage Remodelling Ideas

Do you have a garage that sits there never being used? If you want to transform your garage into a usable space, then read our article for all of our 5 inspiring garage remodelling ideas. You will be soon picking up the phone to call our company.

Garage remodelling ideasIdea 1: Spare bedroom

A spare bedroom is a godsend in most households. If your family is growing, an extra bedroom for your kids is a great idea and giving your children space will do wonders for the harmony of your household. Additionally, if you don’t have kids or they have flown the nest, we can transform your garage into a luxurious spare bedroom for guests.

Idea 2: Office

Working at the kitchen table isn’t the same as having your own study space. Your work may be disrupted by noise or even spillages. So whether you are a contractor or do some work at home, converting your garage into a wonderful office space. Every office will be customised to meet your demands. We have even remodelled garages into art spaces!

Idea 3: Entertainment room

A living room is not always the best place to be remodelled into a pure entertainment room. However, garages have an advantage as we can design them to maximise entertainment potential. Just imagine a big screen, surround sound and comfortable chairs with lights that dim. You know how amazing this would be. If you’re a guy, you could even watch the sports without any complaints! Alternatively, if you are happy with the entertainment systems staying in the living room, we can create a room with features like snooker tables and more.

Idea 4: Exercise room

Gym memberships are expensive and sometimes you may not have the time to get to the gym, exercise then get back to your house. Save on time when you choose this option. We can customise the whole garage, put in heating so that it is your very own comfortable exercise room.  42 Construction will maximise the available space and ensure that all equipment fits in your new gym.

Idea 5: Dining room

There’s nothing better than sitting down at a table to eat your dinner. If you regularly have guests over or have a large family, a dedicated dining room will be the showpiece of your home. 42 Construction will renovate your garage to create an inspiring living space. A spacious dining room will heighten the dining experience.

Interested in our garage remodelling ideas?

If we have really inspired you with our 5 inspiring garage remodelling ideas, please get in touch with 42 Construction today. You will not regret this choice.